Monday, June 1, 2009

Swann's way

Tommi Nuopponen sits outside at Max's Cafe, in Munkkiniemi.

Most of the lines in the figure are caused by the fact that we were sitting right next to tall buildings. But, for the record, he did also take a few deliberate, and mindful, steps out and around the venue. The result could be interpreted--at least in our eyes--as either depicting the blossoming chestnut tree that we sat under, or the lonely swan, spreading its wings, that we watched on the shore nearby. As for the title, it was chosen because Proust's name came up at least a few times during our five-hour conversation, as is usually the case whenever the two of us convene.

Location: Max's Cafe, Munkkiniemi, Helsinki
(see map) (see track only)

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